Introducing: Hannah Trager – someone else

Hannah Trager recently released new single someone else.

The song features catchy pop melodies, sublime vocals, and solid hooks. Captivating from beginning to end.

Lyrically, the artist remains as thoughtful as ever. She writes with personality.  Every word has a purpose.

Speaking about the track, Hannah says: ”I broke up with a long-term boyfriend (and by long-term I mean it lasted more than 2 months. lmbo) and he moved on kind of quick. Rude, right?” She adds: ”I couldn’t blame him – I’m the one who ended it. but I kept going places I knew I’d see him, and I think it bothered me more than it bothered him. So I wrote someone else.

Hannah makes really good music. someone else deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!