Introducing: Laura Marano – Can’t Help Myself

Classically-trained singer-songwriter Laura Marano just released Can’t Help Myself, the fourth single off of her upcoming EP, YOU.

She creates her own lane. The song features moody melodies, outstanding vocals, and solid hooks. Every sound has a purpose. Captivating from the first second.

Marano wrote the fun and flirty single as a “fun but empowering take on sexuality and who has the upper hand when a relationship ends.”

The singer-songwriter calls her YOU EP an exploration of the idea that “there are always two sides to every story,” and after Marano finished her debut EP (ME) last year, she knew she “wanted to continue the story.” Working and finishing this EP during quarantine was definitely not how she expected her story to go, but though it was a challenge, she says, “In a lot of ways, it completely informed the sonics of this EP. For instance, I ended up recording some background vocals on an iPhone for one song, and it actually sounded awesome!” Throughout this whole process, Marano has also enlisted her fans’ help with her creative process, letting them be a part of artwork, lyric videos, and even their own social media marketing ideas. “I’m so grateful for them, and I’m so excited they can finally this EP in its entirety!”

In October 2020, Marano will engage fans with The YOU Tour – a series of four unique live performances showcasing both new and existing music. Each show will have a re-watch window of 48 hours, and tickets are available now. Visit for more information.

Marano makes music that’s authentic. Can’t Help Myself has all the ingredients of a hit. Fantastic work.

Check it out below!