Introducing: The Millennial Club – summer nights

SoCal-based quartet The Millennial Club (TMC) releases summer nights, the band’s third song off their slated 2020 EP. summer nights is a happy, more upbeat track than the band’s previous release, a three minute and thirty-three second escape from normality into a fun, bright world of optimism and light.

TMC creates an atmosphere. They captivate listeners with smooth melodies, sublime vocals, groovy rhythms, soulful sounds, and memorable hooks. Captivating from the first second. Every sound has a purpose. Iconic piece of work.

summer nights is the only song of its kind on The Millennial Club’s highly anticipated EP. It’s another romantic track about feeling overwhelming passion for a love interest, but this one brings a more fun and light energy to the table. The lyrics for summer nights are truly like a happy daydream, fantasizing and yearning for a love interest.

The Millennial Club makes music that’s authentic. summer nights will get stuck in your head for days.

Check it out below!