Introducing: ELIZZA – London Eyes

Singer-songwriter ELIZZA, is saying her goodbyes to the summer of 2020 with her new single London Eyes.

It’s an fantastic piece of work. ELIZZA creates an atmosphere. The song features edgy pop beats, sublime vocals, catchy sounds, and solid hooks.

ELIZZA wrote London Eyes with LA-based producer Mars Today. Lyrically, they are talented.

“The story is about my love and “sometimes” hate relationship with London. Since I moved here, I have been falling deeply in love with it but also find myself struggling to accept all that is London. London Eyes talks about how I feel the city is “keeping eyes” on me and not letting me go.

In one way, I like this constant pull, but I also realize that there are so many times I find it tough. It can be expensive but also presents opportunities, it’s been a lot of years of working very hard to enjoy the best of this city. And then London has all the temptations you can imagine and more, you get addicted. It’s fast-paced, so “luxurious” but so “hood” at the same time. At the end of the day, it’s home and I love it,” says ELIZZA.

London Eyes has all the ingredients of a hit. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!