Introducing: Kelsey Coockson – Sabotage

Sabotage is the third single from Kelsey’s debut-EP on which she shows more of herself with every song.

It’s an intriguing piece of work. Kelsey captivates listeners with solid melodies, stunning vocals, catchy pop sounds, and powerful hooks.

Her lyrics are impressive. As a writer, she’s focused.

The track is about breaking down a built-up wall to avoid sharing your emotions. “I was used to sabotaging myself and rejecting someone before it even started,” Kelsey says guiltily. “In my current relationship, I decided not to get in the way anymore. That worked: we’ve been together for six years now. This song is an ode to that.”

Kelsey makes really good music. She’s an inspiring artist. Sabotage deserves 5 stars. Definitely worth a listen.

Check it out below!