Introducing: Eimaral Sol – 10K

Eimaral Sol is an artist dedicated to using her talents and passions to spread knowledge, love, and acceptance of others and oneself.

She recently released new single 10K.

The song features solid melodies, outstanding vocals, and memorable hooks. Every sound has a purpose. Captivating from the first second.

Sol writes with depth. Lyrically, she’s as thoughtful as ever.

10K tells the tale of a woman who knows her worth and is adding tax, and won’t settle for less—even if it’s from someone she loves. Anyone who’s ever been in a complicated relationship can relate.

Sol makes really good music. 10K deserves 5 stars. A real masterpiece, in my opinion.

If you find yourself needing an extra push to do what’s best for you as this year wraps up, let Sol serenade you with 10K reasons why you deserve better.

Check it out below!