Introducing: Andrea Charls – Arrow

Andrea Charls – a Cypriot born Singer/Songwriter who has traveled over 6000 miles to the United States with one mission in mind: To unite her roots with the experimentation of electronic music.

She just released new single Arrow.

This is music that’s brilliant. Sounds floating around. Every second is worth listening.

Andrea writes with depth. Lyrically, she’s as thoughtful as ever. Her words capture her thoughts.

Speaking about the track, Andrea says: ”I wrote this song during a time in my life where I felt completely helpless and desperate. It’s my story of a once forbidden love, where I wasn’t openly able to express how I felt for the person I was in love with. I needed some kind of hope, or outlet to be able to let it all out – so as many singer/songwriters do, I made a song about it. The lyrics provided a voice to the thoughts that were in my head – things I thought I could never actually tell anyone in person. It’s my process of growth and maturity, and ultimately my journey as a person.” She adds: ”This song is a reminder to myself, that it’s possible to get through situations where you feel like your world is completely falling beneath you. In fact, the producer of this song is the very person who made me hide this love, and didn’t accept the relationship I was in. In addition, that same person who I am now openly in a relationship with, sings background vocals on this track. So everything came full circle in a very interesting way.”

Andrea creates an atmosphere. Arrow deserves to be heard. A real masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!