Introducing: BYRN – Jai Guru Dev

BYRN is an alias for the Brooklyn-based female artist Amber Louros.

Now, she returns with her new single titled Jai Guru Dev.

Sounds floating around. Every second is worth listening. BRYN captivates listeners with smooth vocals, dreamy melodies, and unique hooks. Captivating from the first second.

BYRN’s lyrics are impressive. She’s a skilled writer.

Speaking about the track, BYRN says: ”Jai Guru Dev roughly translates from ancient Sanskrit into ‘Victory to that in you which is wise and yet playful, learned and yet mischevious’ – or to break it down further, victory to a higher and more learned self. I grew up in a small town in Iowa that was inhabited by followers of Transcendental Meditation and I would hear this phrase a lot as I was growing up. My parents and most of their friends were meditators and this phrase would always be spoken between them in a moment of peace and gratitude. I wrote this song as a note to my younger self to slow down, be present in the moment, and even though things get hard in life, it’s ok to take in everything around you. I don’t often write more uplifting songs, but this one I felt needed to live its moment and be out in the world, especially during these more challenging times.”

BYRN makes music that’s timeless. Her music defines her style. Jai Guru Dev is a real masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!