Introducing: Inky Nite – Bad Machines

Inky Nite began at the height of the pandemic lockdown, concocting kaleidoscopic alt-pop songs in their seaside flat as the hours, days and weeks blurred indistinguishably into one.

They just released their debut single Bad Machines.

It’s a fantastic piece of work. The song features solid melodies, outstanding vocals, nostalgic sounds, and memorable hooks. Captivating from the first second.

Inky Nite’s lyrics are on point. They write with personality. Every line is golden.

Speaking about the track, the Brighton alt-pop duo say: ”This was the very first thing we recorded as Inky Nite and it played on loop in our flat throughout peak COVID-19 captivity. The song was inspired by tech-noir films and telly (from movies like Looper and Upgrade to the ‘San Junipero’ episode of Black Mirror), as well as loads of other post-apocalyptic fiction and everything that was happening around us at that time. Lyrically, we took cues from ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials and the title is an adapted quote from the 1978 film Midnight Express (“The bad machine doesn’t know that he’s a bad machine”), which we tweaked to fit the song’s theme. Essentially, it’s a snapshot of what we saw, read and felt as the virus struck.”

Inky Nite make music that’s authentic. Bad Machines deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!