Introducing: Laura David – Waste My Time

With a catalogue that lives mostly on Instagram and just one song to her name on Spotify, Laura David is back with her new song Waste My Time, which she wrote during the lockdown.

This is music that’s brilliant. Sounds floating around. Laura captivates listeners with compelling melodies, airy vocals, and solid hooks. Every second is worth listening.

Laura’s lyrics are poetic. Her words capture her thoughts. Waste My Time makes you dive into the  world of being in a new relationship and daydreaming about all the future moments you could share together.

‘I just got into a new relationship but since I wasn’t allowed to see my girlfriend, all I could do was think about the time we would spend together when it was all over,” comments Laura.

The DIY video of Waste My Time is a portrait of moments Laura shares together with her girlfriend, which contain a lot of dim sum and genuine young love you don’t wanna miss out on.

Laura is a rising talent. Waste My Time deserves to be heard. Great piece of work.

Check it out below!