Introducing: Alexia Chambi – Empty Vase

Danish-Cypriot singer and songwriter Alexia Chambi just released new single Empty Vase.

The song features soulful melodies, sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, and solid hooks. Every sound has a place.

Alexia’s lyrics are empowering. Lyrically, she’s talented. Every line is golden. Great work.

Speaking about the track, Alexia says: ”Empty Vase is a song I wrote on an acoustic guitar, one cold November evening in London 2 years ago. I’ve often felt as a woman that there is a certain expectation for us to find someone to complete us. A man that can save us from our loneliness, as if life is not being lived to its fullest, unless there’s a man by our side. I reject this pressure from society. Empty Vase is an untraditional love song about being true to yourself and being aware of the love you have in your life, even when you are without a romantic partner.”

Alexia continues to deliver good music. She’s an inspiring artist. Empty Vase captures you from the very first second.

Check it out below!