Introducing: Drea Rose x Katie Hargrove – Talk

Drea Rose is the sonic declaration of California’s laid back and eclectic culture.

Katie Hargrove is a writer/artist born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.

They just released new single Talk.

The song features smooth melodies, outstanding vocals, groovy rhythms, and solid hooks. Every sound has a purpose. Captivating from beginning to end.

Drea and Katie’s lyrics are on point. Every line is golden. Talk has a great story.

Speaking about the track, the artists say: ”The song is called Talk and we are releasing it for National Lesbian Day (October 8th). Being as we both identify as lesbians, we thought it made sense to release a song about a relationship on a day that we both celebrate. Talk was the first song we wrote together and we thought it would be powerful, not only as two queer women singing about love, but also as it’s a song that was written, recorded and produced entirely by two women.”

Drea and Katie’s music is empowering and inspirational. They have so much talent. Talk deserves 5 stars. Iconic work.

Check it out below!