Introducing: Rosa Raye – When We Were Good

Danish singer/songwriter Rosa Raye recently released her third single When We Were Good. Produced by Christian Refer.

It sounds so good. Raye captivates listeners with stunning vocals, catchy melodies, solid grooves, and powerful hooks. Every element has a place.

Raye speaks the language of art. Her words capture her emotions.

The lyrics tell the story of Raye seeing the guy she’s romantically involved with another woman. The infidelity is what sparks the song, but she doesn’t quite want to face the truth, so there’s a spin on the classic theme. Raye jumps back to the “good old days” in her mind, recollecting happy memories, turning it into a feel-good song. But she doesn’t shy away from telling it like it is either.

The video captures the spirit of the song. Filmed and edited by Jeppe Steenfeldt-Jensen. Creative assistance and color grading by Christine Kiberg.

Raye makes music that’s timeless. She’s one of the best artists around. When We Were Good deserves to be heard. R&B at its best. A real masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!