Introducing: I Want Poetry – For the Night

From the ancient Saxon capital of Dresden, Germany comes a music that is profound, otherworldly and unpredictably edgy.

Enigmatic indie duo I Want Poetry just released new single For the Night.

The song features energetic melodies, powerful drums, and outstanding hooks. Every sound has a place. Intriguing work.

Lyrically, I Want Poetry remain as thoughtful as ever. Their words are inspiring.

”Better keep me company
pull the blinds so I can see
when the reasons to be down
are so lifelike tonight
anyone would see the dark
the dullness of the earth
when no beacon sends a light
for the night”

Speaking about the track, the duo say: ”We wrote this song during the “lockdown”, when the silence of the night seemed to cover the world. Everything changed this year for so many people, and this song is for them. In the dark of the night we can be free and find new strength.”

The video looks great. Camera and Grading by Kristin Herziger.

I Want Poetry create an atmosphere. They speak the language of art. For the Night deserves to be heard.

Check it out below!