Introducing: Eva Snyder – Transparent

Eva Snyder is a bi-coastal singer-songwriter. Originally from Western Mass, she taught herself how to play guitar and moved to California before relocating to Nashville, TN.

Transparent is Eva’s unapologetic diary slated to be released in October as the first single to her new EP.

The song features solid melodies, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks. Captivating from beginning to end. Intriguing work.

Lyrically, Eva remains as insightful as ever. Every line has meaning.

“Writing this song was very therapeutic for me. I find that it resonates with others when they hear it and the honesty woven into the lyrics pulls emotions from people they didn’t know they had at that moment. It’s a powerful anthem about self-love and it’s the song that I blast in the car when I’m on my way home.” ~ Eva

The singer-songwriter makes really good music. She’s a talented artist. Transparent deserves 5 stars. Definitely worth a listen.

Check it out below!