Introducing: Lucia & the Best Boys – Forever Forget

With their latest single Perfectly Untrue receiving huge amounts of praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, stating “I’ve rinsed this thing! It’s a haunting pop song”, as well as landing on Spotify’s NMF UK, New Noise (US), The Alt List (US) and the cover of The Rock List (UK, Deezers ‘Brand New UK’ and Apple Music – New Music Daily UK, Breaking Alternative and New In Alternative playlists, Lucia & The Best Boys now return with their highly-anticipated new EP The State Of Things.

One of the highlights is Forever Forget. Sounds floating around. Lucia & The Best Boys captivate listeners with energetic melodies, cool grooves, stunning vocals, and solid hooks. You will sing along.

Speaking about the new cut, front-woman Lucia Fairfull said, Forever Forget was the second song I wrote on the EP. I had gone away to write this EP to get everything I had to say out of my head, then to go home and draw a line under the way I was feeling as I realised I was dragging myself into the depths of hell a bit! Forever Forget is about the painful and constant reminder you have of how things used to be, and all the ‘What if’s. It speaks similarly to Let Go about how it is okay to leave things behind and move forward.”

Lucia & The Best Boys are so talented. They make music that’s relatable. Forever Forget is a bop.

Check it out below!