Introducing: Mehalah Ray – Nevermind

Rachel Clark, who performs under the name Mehalah Ray, is a 22 year old, British singer songwriter and musician from Cambridge.

She just released new single Nevermind. A song that inspires.

Mehalah captivates listeners with sublime vocals, steady drums and an ear worm melody.

Lyrically, she remains as thoughtful as ever. Her lyrics are impressive. Every line has meaning.

Wrestling with the struggles of being undermined, Mehalah sings about weighing up her own wants and needs from the people around her during her early adult years. Nevermind perfectly captures that feeling of inevitably having to let go in order to thrive in the long run, even though it is uncomfortable.

Mehalah makes music that’s authentic. Nevermind¬†deserves to be heard. A real masterpiece, in my opinion.

Check it out below!