Introducing: moistbreezy – Breezy (Mixtape)

NYC-based artist moistbreezy is excited to share her new release, Breezy.

A mixtape full of surprises. Every track has a different idea. Very intriguing. True to its title, the collection of songs are aiming to be a breath of fresh air in the middle of today’s dry pop desertscape and the most cohesive encapsulation of the moistbreezy aesthetic to date.

One of the highlights is You Were Never Mine To Lose. moistbreezy captivates listeners with solid melodies, groovy rhythms, and outstanding vocals.

Oasis draws production inspiration from the musician’s Persian heritage — Middle Eastern sounds to accompany the aquatic vibe.

VHS which capitalizes on the collective yearning for y2k nostalgia with its defunct technology reference and Kylie Minogue-esque bounce.

“My philosophy as of late has been that we need more art that is full of hope, that imagines a better future, even if it’s a fantasy. When we envision a better world, we are more empowered to create it. I looked to projects that span the 80s, 90s, Y2K, and early 10s for inspiration: from Phil Collins and Sade to Kylie Minogue, Aqua, and Madonna’s Ray of Light to the euphoria of Rustie. With Breezy, I wanted to make a ray of light, a warm breeze on a summer’s day — an oasis. I created a place, incorporating sound design of ocean waves and birds chirping, crafting synth melodies that sound like crystals refracting sunlight and fairy dust. This is an escape, a sonic vacation.”

I didn’t hear a song on the mixtape that I didn’t like. moistbreezy’s music defines her style.

The artist creates an atmosphere. Breezy deserves to be heard. A real masterpiece, in my opinion. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!