Introducing: Prune. – amis et +

From an unusual university career (graduated from Khagne and in a performing arts program) was born an original and eclectic pop sound, through which Prune. promotes her perspective on love, boredom, instability… on how difficult her generation finds it to be normal without being banal in their 20s.

She recently released new single amis et +.

It’s an intriguing piece of work. The song features dreamy melodies, sublime vocals, and solid hooks. Captivating from the first second.

Speaking about the track, Prune. says: ”When it comes to relationships, finding the right words to describe what we have with someone can be tricky… Are we dating ? Are we sex friends ? Are we exclusive or seeing other people ? Sometimes none of those seem to be right. « amis et + » is right in the middle, it’s not a label, not an answer to a question, it’s just a bit of tenderness, a wink and a smile that mean everything without the need for perfect words.”

Prune. makes really good music. She’s a rising talent. amis et + deserves 5 stars. Definitely worth a listen.

Check it out below!