Introducing: Klara Elias – Paralyzed

Klara Elias is an Icelandic singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles.

She just released Paralyzed, the first single off of her upcoming EP, Loveaholic.

This is music that’s brilliant. Every element has a purpose. The song features solid melodies, stunning vocals, soothing harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Klara wrote Paralyzed with Alma Goodman. Their lyrics are impressive.

‚ÄúSongwriting became my sole focus for awhile and there was a moment where I thought I might never release my own music again. Then this spring as the pandemic became more and more serious I realized that all I really wanted to do was to hug my family and sing again,” comments Klara.

The video captures the essence of the song. Visually, it’s great.

Paralyzed deserves 5 stars. A real masterpiece, in my opinion. Definitely worth a listen. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!