Introducing: NOSOYO – Feel The Same

The final single of the upcoming LP Loud & Shameless by award-winning Berlin-based pop duo NOSOYO is Feel the same

What a great piece of music. NOSOYO captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, cool grooves, solid melodies, and memorable hooks. Every sound has a purpose.

This energetic, danceable and catchy pop anthem illustrates a conflict that is on the verge of exploding. It’s an appeal to humanity, reminding us to unite through our similarities rather than being divided by our differences, to spark hope – even in current challenging times. The message is clear: Don’t be afraid of confrontation, if it does not go away then do not escape it – something good is on the other side – because in the end we all feel the same emotions at different moments.

NOSOYO creates an atmosphere. Artistically, they are brilliant. Feel the same is a track you won’t forget anytime soon.

Check it out below!