Introducing: Dana Williams – Answers

Chosen as one of Idolator’s 40 Artists To Watch In 2020, Dana Williams is definitely gaining attention with her classic yet sultry sound with over 900,000 monthly Spotify Listeners.

She recently released new single Answers.

This is music that’s brilliant. Every element has a purpose. The song features outstanding vocals, smooth grooves, sublime melodies, and solid hooks. Captivating from the first second.

Lyrically, Dana remains as thoughtful as ever. Her words are powerful. Every line has meaning. Intriguing work.

“I wrote Answers in response to getting a lot of questions about racism during the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor demonstrations. I didn’t have the answers for the people reaching out to me. I still don’t. But I think it is important to vote in this upcoming election. So much is at stake and we have to exercise our voices and speak up.”

Dana has an important message to share. Answers deserves 5 stars. Music for the soul.

Check it out below!