Introducing: AVIV – Frontlawn

Soulful. Youthful. Relatable. AVIV is an up and coming artist from Toronto, Canada. Writing songs about life with the general message to be yourself and embrace everything about yourself – the quirky, the weird, the ups and the downs.

AVIV recently released new single Frontlawn.

It’s a real bop. The song features brilliant guitar work, sublime vocals and solid hooks.

Frontlawn was written this past summer. During quarantine I found myself lonely and nostalgic. In particular, I missed a guy that I used to see at parties and social events. He always held back from showing his feelings. I envisioned us on my frontlawn at 3AM, oblivious to the problems of the pandemic. In the lockdown, the “frontlawn” symbolized a release from the confinement.”

AVIV makes music that’s authentic. Frontlawn deserves to be heard. Great work.

Check it out below!