Introducing: Borito – My Kind of Love

Bortio had a successful release of their debut single Nice & Slowly: with radio plays at local stations in the UK, The Netherlands and of course Israel.

Now they are releasing their second single, My Kind of Love from their upcoming album.

The song features brilliant guitar work, catchy melodies, smooth vocals and solid hooks. Sounds floating around.

Borito is an indie stadium rock anthem told from a young woman’s perspective. Many times, in pop culture the woman is portrayed as the one who wants a close and meaningful relationship. She wants to be chosen by the man. Even if at times she’s portrayed as easy going and free spirited – in the end she’s “just like other girls”, longing for commitment and deeper relationship. In My Kind of Love the power is in the narrator’s hands; she’s honest about her views and is unapologetic. Her wants and needs might be questionable but they are hers.

The video – filmed by Jon Steiner and Adam Ekstein – captures the essence of the song. Visually, it’s great.

Borito continues to deliver good music. They have so much talent. My Kind of LoveĀ deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!