Introducing: Sarah Dooley – When You’re Gone

Sarah Dooley is a musician, writer, and comedian from Valparaiso, Indiana.

She recently released new single When You’re Gone.

The song features outstanding vocals, solid melodies, nostalgic sounds, and unique hooks. Every sound has a place. Captivating from the first second.

Lyrically, Sarah remains as insightful as ever. She writes so well. Every line has meaning. Intriguing work.

“I wrote this song for myself as an anthem to get through a horrible break-up a few years ago. I didn’t realize that I would need it now, as I release it years later amidst my current heartbreak. It’s my version of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own — a song to blast as you leave your ex’s house for the last time, or when you get the urge to text them. It’s about feeling like your world has crumbled, but it’s the perfect soundtrack for picking the pieces back up again, and friggin’ dancing while you do. This song will make you wish you’d been dumped! Just kidding (maybe?)” 

Sarah creates her own lane. She’s a rising talent. When You’re Gone deserves 5 stars.

Check it out below!