Introducing: Aylin – Come feat. A.D Tha Prophet

Based in Bristol, England, Aylin is Aylin Gasparini, a singer-songwriter.

She recently released new single Closer feat. A.D Tha Prophet.

Vibes are everywhere. Soulfulness in every note. The song features smooth melodies, outstanding vocals, cool rap flows and a memorable chorus.

Aylin and A.D Tha Prophet write so well. It’s poetic and real. Their skills are just through the roof.

”It’s a love song written by me and my boyfriend, in which we openly talk about our love and our feelings. I see it as two love letters that we wrote for each other and instead of keeping them to ourself, we converted them into a song. What we talk about it’s personal but at the same time the listeners will find themselves in our words and connect with the song.”

Come has all the ingredients of a hit. Iconic piece of work. Perfect for today.

Check it out below!