Introducing: Kenna – Better Half

Kenna is an Indie/Pop artist navigating life in Nashville, TN.

She recently released new single Better Half.

Sounds floating around. Kenna captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, rhythmic synths, and a catchy beat. A great combination of elements.

Better Half is about listening to the voice inside that’s always guiding us in the right direction. Within you and me, in a world below the surface, there is a fully realized and unapologetically authentic version of each one of us. If we let go and get quiet, we can listen in. We are always being guided by a little voice, nudging us where we are meant to go. Our better half can take us to places we never thought we could go. We have everything we need right within.”

Kenna has so much talent. An artist that always surprise us. She understands music like nobody. Better Half is inspiring to hear.

Check it out below!