Introducing: Giulia. – Dreams

Giulia. recently released new single Dreams.

This is really great work. Find new meanings within the layers of texture. Giulia. captivates listeners with sublime vocals, soothing harmonies, and memorable hooks.

”A few months ago I was asked to write a song for a short film I was in, as the end credit song. After about 20 minutes fooling around on my guitar, lyrics began to quickly form and I ended up with my first draft of – what is now – Dreams. Shortly after I realized how much I liked the song, so I decided to revisit it, add to it, refine it, and release it. To me, this song sits somewhere in-between regretting the past 2 years you spent with someone… and relishing every single moment of it, never wanting it to end – a feeling I think we often bounce back and forth between. This song is beauty in saying goodbye, and praise for the courage it sometimes takes to leave.”

Giulia. makes music that’s relatable to others. It’s all so artistic.

Check out Dreams below!