Introducing: Rotana – Sin Again

Rotana, named BBC’s 100 Most Powerful Women, is a performance artist and songwriter born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue music after quitting her job. Straddling a profound love for her home and the determination to be free, Rotana’s music speaks to the journey of self realization in the face of Saudi tradition, god, sexuality, family and the immigrant experience.

Sin Again is the first single from Rotana’s upcoming project.

The song features great vocals, sublime melodies and solid hooks. These sounds have a unique quality to them. So captivating.

Rotana inspires through her writing, It’s empowering. She fights for equal rights.

“On the surface, Sin Again is a song about touching yourself, which was punishable and forbidden growing up in Saudi Arabia. But much more than that, this song is about self intimacy. My body has been policed and regulated my whole life. As I get older, I understand why. When women are in tune with their bodies, we overcome the narratives that vilify pleasure and keep us alien to our own bodies. We become unstoppable forces of power and agents of change.”

What Rotana is saying is important. She has an energy that’s unparalleled.

Check out Sin Again below!