Introducing: SHAED – No Other Way

Photo by Jared Zagha

SHAED – Chelsea Lee, her husband Spencer Ernst, and his twin brother Max Ernst – had big plans for 2020. The band was set to continue building on the momentum of Trampoline with international tours and festival dates, but as with many artists, the pandemic changed everything. For the first time in years SHAED had the opportunity to slow down, refocus themselves as artists, and put down their roots at home. Through deep introspection in a vulnerable time, the trio discovered a wealth of strength and creativity that inspired No Other Way and paved the way for their forthcoming debut LP.

No Other Way sounds so good. Artistic in every way. The focus is on innovation.

The song features solid melodies, cool grooves, sublime vocals, and memorable hooks. Listeners will like it.

“These past 6 months have been a struggle for us all, filled with anxiety, disappointment, and uncertainty. We wrote this song as a reminder to live in the moment, which is the only thing we can control.” – SHAED

This band keeps releasing high quality music. No Other Way has depth and real meaning.

Check it out below!