Introducing: Klara Zangerl – Mars 2022

With a transcendent musicality and grand voice, 18-year-old Klara Zangerl gives the listener something new that feels both interesting and unexpected.

She recently released new single Mars 2022.

This song has so much soul. It’s retro, but also modern. Sounds flying through to the rain. Every note is perfect.

Her lyrics reflect the different emotional states and contrasts that occur between childhood and adolescence. There is a philosophical undertone where she’s got a longing for the unknown and an endless searching.

Mars 2022 is written almost like a letter from my future self. It’s about how thoughts, problems, and feelings tend to lose their impact and meaning over time. They get lost in space and time as new one’s arrive, and all that remain is a vague memory of what used to be one’s whole universe’, Klara says.

Celebrate good music. Broaden your horizon. Stream Mars 2022 now.