Introducing: Jasmine Jordan – release

Los Angeles R&B artist, Jasmine Jordan has released her first single in two years in anticipation of her upcoming EP this winter. The single, release was written after finding strength and acceptance in her relationship with anxiety.

Soulful in every sense. You will enter a world full of harmony. The dreamy vocals are guiding you through the song.

release was written by Jasmine, Andre de Santanna, and HOPP (featured rapper on track) and speaks on her personal experience with anxiety that many people can relate to. Jasmine, wanting the first verse of the song to be a deep dive into an unedited version of her diary, enters the seemingly slow-paced song with exciting lyrics that express how quickly her mind tends to move. While admitting to her minor flaws and mental quirks that may need attention, she ultimately realizes they make her who she is. 

Feel empowered to believe in yourself. This song’s message is powerful.

Check it out below!