Introducing: Lorana – Here In Between (EP)

Lorana writes songs about questions without answers.

She recently released her Here In Between EP.

I like art that makes you think. This EP has something for everyone. A perfect mix of Pop and Indie Electronic.

The running theme of the EP is finding balance between different dualities. Lorena’s looking for that sweet spot between her old and new home, the highs and lows in her emotions, becoming an adult and leaving behind her childhood, her love for music and for the people around her … 

To reflect the lyrical narrative into her sonic identity, she recorded tons of samples from her daily life, pulling the listener closer into her world. 

One of the highlights is the title track. A piece made with lightness. Lorona adds: “Do you know that feeling of knowing where you’re headed and knowing where you come from, but every now and then getting lost ‘in between’? That’s what the song’s about. Being in my early twenties, I still feel like a kid sometimes, but because of my age the world treats me as an adult. It’s a strange transition to experience, but luckily, I’m not alone in that! I wrote this one as an anthem for my peers, so that we can feel lost together.”

Some artists are so creative. Lorana brings great ideas to the table.

Check out the EP below!