Introducing: Nadine – Three (feat. FUN SUCKR)

Miami bred and Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Nadine is redefining the modern narrative of a pop princess.

She just released new single Three (feat. FUN SUCKR).

This is a song with great musical moments. Production-wise it’s punchy. Nadine offers a mix of pop and rock.

Many late drunken nights and songwriting sessions later, the trio had a story to tell: not one involving crying about boys, rather, one regarding being in the middle of them. Playing the role of the femme fatale in a layered relationship, Nadine sheds light on her darker side (perhaps the part of her that is best kept secret), allowing the track to double as an artful confessional. An ode to temptation, Three prevails as the anthem for the heartbreakers, rather than the heartbroken.

Nadine’s lyrics are expressive. Artistic in every way possible.

Check out Three below!