Introducing: Robyn Harris – Paid

Photo by Bree Marie Fish

Robyn Harris is an up and coming Indie-Pop artist based in Nashville, TN.

She recently released new single Paid.

This is a catchy song. Get ready to groove and sing-along. Everything sounds just great.

Paid is centered around working hard to support yourself and still feeling like you’re constantly getting left behind. The listener is instantly pulled in with a very real, and slightly comical, look into the struggle of so many people, myself included, right now who are trying to make ends meet. Paid was mastered by Grammy winning engineer Jett Galindo, produced by Nik Lizcano and written by Robyn Harris and Nik Lizcano.

The lyrics are real and relatable. So much depth in it. Written with a poetic rhythm.

Check out Paid below!