Introducing: Notelle – Diet Change

Raw and unfiltered, Notelle’s Diet Change is a complex, yet honest depiction of what it’s like to heal from heartbreak. Written in the midst of pain, Notelle’s newest track delivers something more vulnerable than her usual “nightmare pop” sound.

This song has so much feeling in it. Sung with emotion and honesty. Meaningful in every way.

Hints of her industrial influences are found in the heavy, yet subtle bass tones, all of which are supporting her breathy, emotive vocal. With no true percussion section, Diet Change relies on a thoughtfully arranged, organic piano lead to drive the song along. Delicate, boundary-pushing production weaves in and out, with added flourishes over top, allowing the true focal point of this track to shine through – the intentional songwriting.

It’s music that’s made to be played loud. Notelle’s realness is what resonates. She follows new directions.

Check out Diet Change below!