Introducing: AL Riordan – Pedestal

Australian born and current Boston resident, AL Riordan, an electric singer-songwriter has released her second single, Pedestal, off of her upcoming EP, No. The track continues to elaborate on her life one year after her sexual assault.

AL shows her inner strength. She writes with honesty and vulnerability. Impactful in every way.

The ethereal song begins with AL’s lush and layered vocals describing herself how those around her saw her, “wax rose petal fingers, stained glass windows for eyes, folded paper for a heart,” all seemingly beautiful and perfectly constructed objects, when in reality they’re extremely fragile, filled with cracks and imperfections. AL continues to use comparisons throughout the track to depict the image others have created versus the reality of who she actually is. Once riddled with guilt and shame for not being able to live up to the expectations others have set for her, she’s learned that in order to help others, she has to put herself and her own healing first.

This piece has so much character. Created with devotion. Pedestal is a must-hear.

Check it out below!