Introducing: Weston Estate – Saturday Nights

The best things in life usually take shape by accident; and Weston Estate is no exception. Comprised of five best friends, the lo-fi alt/pop band came together in 2017, after a run-of-the-mill Playstation game morphed into an unforgettable freestyle.

They just released new single Saturday Nights.

It has a sound full of character. The instrumental work is just incredible. Innovative in multiple aspects.

“We wanted the song to embody the growing pains of adolescence at a time when everyone else seems to have everything figured out. We recorded the original demo in a bedroom, but it really came to life during our first real studio session. That’s why we’re so excited to finally put this song out; it feels like it has grown and evolved alongside us as a band.”

Very artistic music. A song with purpose. Put your headphone on and listen.

Check out Saturday Nights below!