Introducing: Elise Go – Lonelier with You (Scorpio Mix)

Elise Go is a pop artist and songwriter from San Francisco, California.

After 3 successful singles, she’s back with a surprisingly spooky EP to ring in Scorpio Season.

Very interesting project. Just in time for Halloween. Elise’s Lonelier with You (Scorpio Mix) opens the EP with sublime vocals and mellow melodies. All sounds are crisp.

Speaking on the project, Elise said “As a songwriter, writing is my therapy. It’s the most raw, genuine way to express my emotions, especially when I’m feeling down. I’m a Scorpio and we are known for being extremely passionate, but also mysterious and intimidating. I decided that I wanted to peel back the curtain, and share this side of me with you. I wanted to strip these songs down so you could hear the lyrics, understand the emotions, and sit with those feelings.” Elise adds: “I felt that it was important to challenge myself and fully produce this EP on my own as I feel that female producers are really underrepresented in the industry. Production is an integral part of painting the full picture for your listener to understand your emotions, what you’re singing about, and what you’re writing about.”

Looking for new music to listen to? We have a great song for you. Check out Lonelier with You (Scorpio Mix) below!