Introducing: Elle Baez – RWYC

Curvy Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Elle Baez, is becoming a voice for young women everywhere with her raw delivery of beautiful pop-soul vocals that paint a striking vulnerable portrait of her life, song by song.

I’m glad she’s back. Her new single, entitled RWYC, is a pop-soul bop. Empowering in every way. Elle comes up with great lyrics.

This¬†saucy tune warns the male to Run While You Can which inspired the title acronym RWYC or else his heart will be broken. A true simp warning sign, Elle’s sultry dream-like vocals put you in a trance and the lyrics flip the typical f boy narrative.

I appreciate the dedication and creativity here. Elle has a sound that’s all her own. Always thoughtful and wise.

Check out RWYC below!