Introducing: Floyd Fuji – BLACK PONTIAC (EP)

No one knows the complicated creative process and all it’s pitfalls quite like Virginia’s own Floyd FujiHis newest EP, BLACK PONTIAC, is a heavenly chronicle of all the ways that artists are distracted from reaching their full potential, from relationships gone sour to losing friends to being poisoned by self-doubt. Every song on the groovy, guitar-laden 5-track project represents an obstacle.

I like the whole vibe. Each song has its own identity. This is an album with interesting moments.

One of the highlights is GELATO, a sunny single featuring Carneyval about when relationships melt, leaving you with hard choices to make. Powered by soulful vocals and brilliant guitar work.

Gelato is a take on that moment when you finally sit down with your lover and say, “we can’t keep doing this over and over.”

Influenced by old classics like Smokey Robinson and the Commodores, BLACK PONTIAC dances between vintage and modern while maintaining its deeply unique and personal storytelling.

Floyd will also be teaming up with the charity, Downtown Women’s Center in alignment with the EP release. Donations raised for the charity will be donated back to the Center.

Need some good music? Listen to BLACK PONTIAC by Floyd. It’s a great project.