Introducing: D’Indigo – The Wolf and the Butterfly

Husband/wife duo D’Indigo (Chelsey and Justin LaFramboise) just released new single The Wolf and the Butterfly.

I like this song. D’Indigo combines delicate vocals with catchy melodies. They have a style that’s so unique. Always focused on details.

The Wolf and the Butterfly is a split-screen narrative focusing on the fears and anxieties of modern day relationships. The song follows two lovers as they travel through space and time, ultimately reaching a point of clarity and purity in their relationship. The energy ultimately climaxes with a heaven-like bliss, affirming the impenetrable bond that has been enlightened.”

Who’s ready to hear some music? Give The Wolf and the Butterfly a listen. You won’t be disappointed by D’Indigo. The duo values quality very highly.