Introducing: Roma Rose – How to Feel

Scotland’s Roma Rose returns with a new name, new sound and brand new perspective. During her break from music, Roma had her first child. This experience, coupled with a particularly long and grueling recovery, instilled in her a drive and determination to create again and a desire to be open about motherhood.

She just released new single How to Feel.

It’s Pop with an Indie flare. I really like this style. Roma’s vocals are combined with calm melodies, to create something distinctive. She has a great musical understanding.

How To Feel is a response to life changing moments that make us feel young, childlike and bereft of all the answers. When I brought my newborn home, I had this overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t have been allowed to leave the hospital. I shouldn’t be allowed this responsibility, I don’t know what I’m doing. How the hell am I supposed to look after this little life, when I am broken. Described as a “comforting anguish” – this song explores the universal feeling of anxiety when life overtakes you, and the strange solace of knowing so many feel the same, when faced with life’s big moments. Love comes hand in hand with fear.”

Roma writes in poetic prose. A language full of life.

Check out How to Feel below!