Introducing: Chelsea Klein – Karma

Brazilian American singer Chelsea Klein always trying something different. Her approach to music is interesting. She impresses listeners with infectious melodies and powerful storytelling.

Chelsea returns with new single Karma. Pop music with an electronic twist.

”Usually a very non confrontational person, I wrote this song on a day when I was feeling a little hopeless about love. It seemed all of my horrible exes who had gaslit me, cheated on me, manipulated me etc. were doing so well in new relationships living great lives, while I was still here ruining all my current attempts at healthy relationships because I now have so many walls up from past experiences. I never even fully got mad at said exes, and one of the worst ones probably doesn’t even know that I know half the stuff he did to me behind my back. I hadn’t said anything at the time, assuming karma would just take care of it for me. Instead of taking the mindset of being sad that they hadn’t gotten punished yet, I decided to write from the point of view that Karma was my own personal hitman, so nobody should treat me badly going forward or Karma will be after them.”

This song needs to be on your playlist today. It’s energetic and honest. Check out Karma below!