Introducing: OZ – Jupiter

Matching the grit and gloss of her genre-clashing sound with an outspoken authenticity, OZ is emerging as a hot tip without compromising any of her individuality.

She releases new single Jupiter, taken from her debut EP of the same name, out now.

I like the energy of this song a lot, it gives you a boost for the day. No need for coffee anymore. Just listen to Jupiter. The vocals are powerful and the production is great.

“Jupiter is a character that I based on my best friend, who is one of the fiercest women I know,” says OZ. “There’s a little bit of Jupiter in every woman. She is the side of you that’s fearless, confident, mesmerising and empowering. I always hated the phrase ‘men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.’ Fuck that. I wanna be like Jupiter. I’m really proud of how this video came out. It was all made using zoom and stock footage and we managed to make it from opposite sides of the ocean but I think we managed to create something really great”

Who’s ready for some Pop Rock? Turn your speakers up and enjoy the music.