Introducing: Rosalie – i think i kinda like you, fuck

American artist Rosalie created her own genre, named deep pop. She just released new single i think i kinda like you, fuck.

This song is full of surprises. It’s delivered with dedication. An artistry that can’t be taught. The verse explores dark and alt-pop soundscapes, the pre-chorus features a more vulnerable singer/songwriter vibe, and the chorus and bridge are more traditional, commercial pop.

I appreciate the lyrics of the song. There’s so much meaning behind it.

”The song delves into the psychology of that kind of response in a simultaneously fun and self-aware way. Love can feel very overwhelming and vulnerable when you’ve been hurt a lot, and we can create some amazing subconscious ways to protect ourselves without even knowing it. So this song is for all of my anxious people out there, who are scared, but who want to learn how to love anyway.”

Check out i think i kinda like you, fuck below!