Introducing: Posie – Drawing Hearts

Drawing Hearts is part of a two-song release by Los Angeles based artist Posie entitled, The School Chronicles. The pair of songs loosely document a young love affair taking place in and out of school. 

Are you ready for some nostalgia? Posie’s Drawing Hearts looks back on a simpler time. With smooth vocals and catchy melodies the song speaks for itself.

On the inspiration behind the song Posie writes, “I doodle a lot in my notebooks, and one day while I was writing I noticed how many hearts were scattered around the pages I was working on. I thought how fun that would be as a hook for a song. It’s your name / on my page / with a heart that I drew. It’s such an easy visual and something I feel like we’ve all done at one point or another as a joke or a daydream. The song grew from there and I really love how it turned out. Delving into this energetic and innocent world of highschool sweethearts.”

Posie has so much creative spirit. Listen to Drawing Hearts below. It’s a bop.