Introducing: Anna Straker – Boys Will Be Boys

When things are clearly on the up, what else is there to do but power onto what comes next? Anna Straker’s new track Boys Will Be Boys looks poised to make the biggest impact of the lot.

Opening with Donald Trump’s notorious “grab them by the pussy” quote, the track attacks gender stereotypes and the attitude that “boys will be boys.” It’s a flippant comment that normalises misogyny and sexual assault, and in the process provides a lazy excuse and a get-out clause for inexcusable behaviour. It also reinforces the most toxic form of masculinity.

Anna mixes pop and electronic styles in a different way. Musically, it’s astonishing. Her lyrics are meaningful. She shows strength and courage.

Boys Will Be Boys is my feminist anthem to tear down the patriarchy,” explains Anna.“After recovering from a sexual assault last year, I realised what men are really capable of and this sarcastic anthem is my angry response to the double standards we face as women. I want to squash these stereotypes with my big platform boots and remind the world that women are more than sexual objects.”

This message needs to be shared. Anna is a very inspiring artist. Listen to Boys Will Be Boys below!