Introducing: Julia Viktoria – Stranger

Swedish Pop artist Julia Viktoria returns with debut EP, Stranger. It contains 5 songs and 16 minutes of music.

The EP opens with the title track. A bop for sure. Julia’s vocals and lyrics speak for themselves. She has a lot of questions. Do people really need to become strangers to each other after a life together? Isn’t a good ending as important as the nice first meeting? Should two people really pretend they never knew each other when they shared something beautiful?

Julia about Stranger: “I started getting a lot of flashbacks from my previous relationship. I could not stop thinking and reflecting on the time we had together and what we shared. I also reflected on the fact that a person who I shared a part of my life with suddenly turned into a stranger. I didn’t want us to be strangers, I wanted to be able to get to know that person again, in a different perspective.”

Definitely a unique sound. Listen to Stranger below!