Introducing: Rosie Darling – Coping

Photo Credit: Rosie Darling

22-year old singer-songwriter Rosie Darling recently released debut single Coping via Nettwerk Records. A piano ballad with a great melody.

This song thrives on powerful songwriting. It’s nuanced yet powerful. Rosie’s vocals have a great depth to them. She conveys true emotion.

”To fully visualize a story, no space is wasted and it’s a compelling way to pull the listener in. As Rosie notes, “If I’m not inclined to think about what the visuals are or just the colors, then it’s probably not that good of a song.” To paint those visuals, Rosie uses, as she says, “scene-setting lyrics to bring the listener into a space where they can relate and process whichever familiar feeling that specific song evokes.” For example, on Coping, the verse lyric is “I miss waiting for you in the lobby of your old apartment, drawing shapes into the carpet.”

Listen below!